About Pet King Global

Originating in 1997, We are the leading importers and distributors of Pet Food in Pakistan, UAE and Oman. We are the pioneers in this business in Pakistan and have been operational since 25 years and have introduced world top brands in the market.

By understanding the current market trends of the industry, we know that there is a huge demand in our country for good quality brands that can meet the international quality standards and are also economical, simultaneously. The imported brands have become too expensive and difficult to find. In view of these current circumstances, we have aimed to start local manufacturing of pet care products under the umbrella of the company M/s PET KING GLOBAL, using our prior expertise and in-depth knowledge in the pet food industry.

PKG has 20,000 square feet pet food production and development base, world’s leading automatic and advance technology production line, well equipped Laboratory for production quality assurance & R&D department where team of professionals work day and night to satisfy our valuable customers with their unique and innovative solutions. Our focus is to produce pet food that is of good quality, at a reasonable price and is easily available for the consumers.

PKG currently have more than 150 employees, it is a strong team of professionals comprising of skilled, qualified and committed employees that have made the success of Pet King Global possible.

This journey would continue with new and innovative product lines and exceptional customer satisfaction levels, so the company as well as its employees, grow together.


Our Vision

To become the market leader of the pet care industry in Pakistan; using our decades of prior experience to provide best nutrition and care through our quality pet food and superlative customer services.

Our Mission

1) We are committed to help pets have a longer, healthier and happy lives, ensured through our balanced nutrition products.
2) We aim to introduce high quality local products that meet international quality standards on affordable prices.
3) To attract and attain customers with high value products and services and ensure constant value addition.

Company Profile

Production & Processing

The Pet King Global production facility is equipped with advanced technology manufacturing unit, which is based on latest state-of-the-art European technology. The plant has a daily production capacity of 100 MT and is fully automated to streamline the production process. The recipe development involved specialized expertise and extensive research. The product testing equipment ensures that the end product is according to the desired quality. Our production facility follows the predefined standards of quality, health and safety. Overall, this is the only pet food production facility in Pakistan that is at par with the international pet food manufacturing industry.

Quality Assurance

The Pet King Global Laboratory has the latest lab equipment and uses the most advanced technology. Strict post-production examination and quality control is conducted under the supervision of highly skilled and professional staff. The idea is to ensure that highest quality standards are achieved and maintained consistently.

Human Resources

Pet King Global has a team of highly skilled professionals that are working at various roles within the organization, to facilitate smooth operations at every level. We believe in constant improvement for which we keep on training and educating our employees that could upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Storage & Transportation

Pet King Global has a well-organized and efficient warehousing facility, established in a 1500 sq. ft. premises, where our competent staff works according to scientific methods of storing and handling of goods from the time of entering the warehouse till they are finally ready for dispatch.


Pet King Global has an extensive experience and market knowledge of 2 decades, which gives us an edge over the other players in the industry. Based on our background, we can easily understand the market demand and therefore deliver the best product options accordingly. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective, which can only be delivered once we know the customer’s requirements and preferences. Moreover, being in this industry for a long time, we have several connections with the relevant stakeholders, which facilitates our business needs.

Our Values


Knowledge & Information

The idea is to encourage transparency and share complete knowledge and information with all the stakeholders of the organization so everyone could be aware of our company values, vision, business activities, production standards and market position.


Manufacturing Standards

We have automated most of our operations in order to streamline the entire production process. It ensures standardization of the process and the end product, saves time, optimizes results, minimizes risk and facilitates accountability.


A Reputation of Excellence

As the pioneers in pet food business, our parent company enjoys a great reputation in the market, due to product and service quality and fair work practices, for more than 25 years. Now obviously, this reputation of excellence has passed on to Pet King Global as well and we are responsible of maintaining it in the market and taking the legacy much further.


Customer Satisfaction

Our organization follows a customer-centric approach where all our activities revolve around customer satisfaction. We have to connect with the customer, through superior quality, price affordability and product availability.


Valuable Resources

Our organization is backed up with optimum resources that facilitate smooth operations and ensure that we attain our goals in the most effective and efficient manner, These resources include factory and office premises, state-of-the-art production plant, competent human resources, distribution vehicles and market goodwill.


Result Driven

Our organization follows a totally result-driven approach where we do not only make ambitious plans but also generate the end results. Our business model and processes focus on the end goal, which we must achieve by all means.